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The process of building a home can be a rollercoaster of excitement, frustration and terror! Too many mind-boggling choices, with a great deal of money at stake. Why put yourself through all those sleepless nights?

Make decisions at your leisure – not in a frantic 2-3 hour ‘selections appointment’ at the builder’s office.

We provide you with a systematic way of tackling your many options, where you can make solid choices you are happy to live with for a very long time! And if you and your partner can’t agree, why compromise? It all has to do with how you each see the world – as a trained image consultant, Jeanette understands this, and is skilled in finding common ground.

Call us, and create a truly personalised home, that reflects who you are and the way you want to live.


Thank you so much for all your help in the selection of everything form bricks to bath fittings for our new home. Your expert guidance through the maze of options made our final selections so much easier. We appreciate too, the hours of extra time you have taken to ensure that we are satisfied and happy with our choices. Danielle and I met with Jeanette yesterday. She was terrific – gave helpful and clear advice, suggested options without ever pushing them and clearly knows her way around a showroom. Thank you for the opportunity to consult with Jeanette; we both feel we achieved in 3 hours what could have taken 3 stressful weekends.